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Anyone can face erectile dysfunction problem being at any age. There are many circumstances that may cause erectile dysfunction problem. In this article we are going to describe one of the most typical and main reason why so many young men suffer from erectile dysfunction except when it caused due to physical inability.

Below we put some of the most typical factors that may cause erectile dysfunction:
Stress: This can be associated with job, marriage problems, money problems, or any other factors pressurizing the person.
The typical cause of erectile dysfunction is depression. This physically and psychologically affects the person.
Depression can cause erectile dysfunction even when the person is completely comfortable in sexual activity.
Anxiety also plays an important role in erectile dysfunction.
The erectile dysfunction can be caused if the person feels guilty of or fear not able to satisfy his partner.
If the person gets easily anxious or worried, this state may cause erectile dysfunction as well.
If you are taking any medication, it may also cause erectile dysfunction.
Low self-confident, feeling uncomfortable or any other issues not associated with sexual activity may also cause erectile dysfunction.
Getting older and lack of interest in sex can cause erectile dysfunction.
Even if the person has problems in relationship with the partner is also likely can cause erectile dysfunction.

All men once or more in their life time suffered from erectile problem at any age. This state can be caused by any reason and as a result lead to a lack of sexual satisfaction. The above-mentioned reasons are considered to be major causes of failure to have sexual satisfaction. Before to set an erectile dysfunction diagnosis to yourself, be sure that you are not under of the above said causes, you are not overtired or over stressed, just take one pill for your self-confidence in these circumstances and this will help you to avoid the erectile dysfunction in future.

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Cialis is taken 15 minutes before anticipated sex and Levitra is taken 25-45 minutes before having sexual activity.

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) or sometimes it is referred to as male impotence is the sexual disorder when the person is unable to maintain the penis erection for sufficient time for sexual activity.

Erection physically occurs when the person is under sexual excitement as a result it occurs as the blood flows into the penis and retains in the sponge-like cavernous tissues within the penis. Erection occurs as a result of sexual excitement when nervous signals are transmitted from the brain to the pelvis nerves. Erectile dysfunction is considered as a state when the person is unable to have erection or regularly finds it difficult to have erection despite of sexual stimulation.

There are many different causes of the erectile dysfunction. More often this state can be easily treated. The erectile dysfunction is often caused by the organic reasons such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, neurological problems, injuries or traumas from surgery, prostatectomy interference and hormonal disbalance. There is a possibility that the primary psychological or associated problems also can develop erectile dysfunction. Those men who feel embarrassed to talk about their relationship problems may face the erectile dysfunction because this can affect their body functions. Psychological impotence is one of the main common causes of failures with erection or penetration as there is a lack of self-confidence. Psychological reasons affect the person's state much more than the physical problems and considered as main factors of erectile dysfunction. Sometimes erectile dysfunction is caused by side effects of certain medications. It is very important to determine the reason caused the erectile dysfunction. Sometimes erectile dysfunction may indicate a possibility of an underlying cardiovascular disease.

Erectile dysfunction is observed when there is a strong cultural silence in society and the person fail to meet someone to share the problems. According to the data from conducted surveys, each tenth men experience impotence problems at least once in their lives.

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